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Unlock a tried-and-true content channel: Listener voicemail. Using a branded landing page and dead-simple recording tools, we're here to help you get your audience off the sidelines and on the air.

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From Gavin C. On September 15th, 2020
2:42Let's Talk Popcorn
Hi Tom. Gavin here. I'm your biggest fan, but you're dead wrong on popcorn. It's delicous. I think if you tried one of those combination buckets, you know, carmel, cheddar, butter, you'd be really impressed. Give it a shot. Keep up the good work!
Listener Voicemail, Made Simple
Getting your audience on voice can be cumbersome, LinesAreOpen makes it easy. Using our purpose-built web voicemail recorder or a unique toll-free number, it's easier than ever to hear from your audience.
A Social Twist On A Proven Channel
Select your favorite messages to play on air, or let your audience do it for you. Listener reviewed voicemail voted on right from your branded landing page--a feature you can turn on and off whenever you'd like.
Let Us Handle The Dirty Work
Quickly hone in on the right content by skimming transcriptions and using our fine-grained sorting tools. Favorite, download and delete messages with a single click.
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